South Western Age-Group Regionals AA+ - Hosted by CCA

March 16, 2017 - March 19, 2017
March 16, 2017


Southwest Age Group Regionals AA+ - Hosted by CCA

Roseville Aquatics Complex, Roseville

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General Information posted:

  • Thursday 1650 timed finals - Swimmers are to provide their own timer(s) and lap counter (individual) for this event.  Lap counting devices will be provided for each lane ~
  • Friday-Sunday Timers - please see attached forms - we will send out the actual lane assignments, but feel free to visit check-in for your Team's lane assignment ~ Teams with an  ( * ) are not required to provide a timer, as the HOST Team will provide timers for these traveling teams.
  • OFFICIALS - This is a National Qualifying Meet for Officials.  We have over 40 Officials signed up, therefore ALL teams will be covered and are not required at this time to provide a set amount.  THANK YOU to our wonderful team of Officials in SNS, CCS and PAC, along with others, for your officiating efforts, it is greatly appreciated!

Scratch Rule in effect for this meet by Bill Rose, Meet Referee:
We are using 207.11.6, but it is modified in that once the swimmers are entered and seeded in the event, the National Scratch Rule is in effect, except a no show swimmer who is entered in an individual event, is allowed to swim in a relay and score points.  The only thing different than the full National Scratch Rule is the change we do for individual swimmers entered in a seeded event and is a no show. In order to not penalize the relay team, who might have relay only swimmers that might have traveled many miles and used an airplane to come, we modified this rule at a Sierra Nevada Swimming Board  Meeting.

Since in the Meet Announcement, it says we are following National Scratch Rule, my interpretation of the Rule is we follow  207.11.6B, which is part of 207.11.6 and states, "The scratch deadline for the first day’s events shall be fifteen (15) minutes after the general meeting is adjourned. The scratch deadline for all subsequent days’ events shall be thirty (30) minutes after the time established for the start of the finals sessions."

PENALTIES: National Scratch Rule - 207.11.6: In Sierra Nevada Swimming meets holding trials and finals, a modified version of rule 207.11.6C will apply to a swimmer failing to compete in a preliminary heat for which he has not scratched and is seeded to swim. The modified version of this rule states that the no-show swimmer will be barred from all further individual events of that day, but will be allowed to swim relays and score points for their team. Additionally that swimmer shall not be seeded in any individual events on succeeding days unless that swimmer declares their intent to swim prior to the close of seeding for the next day’s events.” Any swimmer qualifying for a final race in an individual event who fails to compete in that event shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet except as noted in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations (207.11.6E).